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Why Hearing ‘No’ Is Often More Important Than Hearing ‘Yes’ in Projects and Negotiations

Companies will often apply a process to almost every aspect of business but don’t often apply a process to making a decision on projects and negotiations.  Tony Kanak will deliver a talk on how to use a process that will help you not to be left in the dark, minimize your controllable delays, and achieve more with less effort.

Tony Kanak
Principal & Coach at Sales Evolution LLC

Tony Kanak has been working with Sales Evolution as a student and coach for over 14 years.  His Prior Sales Career includes working for Compu-Tutor, a Platinum level ACT! CRM reseller and Sales Evolution partner, where he became a Guess Free Selling Master. Now he provides expert level coaching to Business Owners and Sales Professionals that are growing their revenue using the Guess Free Selling Process.

Tony is also an Area Director Consultant for BNI (Business Network International).  He has developed an extensive referral network of business owners in Eastern Pennsylvania from Lehigh County down through Philadelphia County.  

Tony completed his Bachelor of Science Degree from Drexel University in 1990. He has traveled through the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico as a Corporate Trainer on IBM based Maintenance Management software. 

He managed and developed a training team in Wilmington DE that conducted international training for DuPont, Astra Zeneca, and W.L. Gore. 

Tony has been certified to teach over 50 computer training courses. He began selling computer training in 1997 and has been successful since that time in various roles related to Enterprise and Local Information Technology Sales. 

Tony has been a featured guest speaker on Sales and Marketing Topics for the past 8 years including, “Why Columbo Would Have Been the Whodunit of Sales”, "Why Do I Need a Contact Manager When I Have All of These Great Post-it-Notes?" and "How to Increase Your Referral Business in 30 Minutes or Less”. 



Maintenance Scorecards – Measure What You Manage

“How to communicate performance vs. goals”


This presentation will explain how and why everyone should be using performance matrices to gauge how well their process is actually working.


Mike Cowley, CPMM
Founder & President, CE Maintenance Solutions

Mike Cowley’s background includes a BS in Mechanical Engineering and over 39 years of hands-on experience in areas of asset and maintenance management including: facility and industrial maintenance.  He has extensive experience in all aspects of facility and manufacturing management, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), contract maintenance, utility operations, project engineering and senior engineering management.

Mike spent the early years of his maintenance career in the textile industry working for Burlington Industries.  While at Burlington, he was named Director of Engineering and Maintenance for the Lees Carpets Division.  Mike was instrumental in the successful implementation of Lees maintenance improvement program, which took Lees maintenance department from “Chaos to World Class”.

He spent several years employed as a District Manager with Aramark Facility Services in their Specialty Markets Group where he managed multiple facility services and maintenance accounts.  He also assisted other groups within Aramark on a National basis with maintenance program assessments, planning, and implementation of improvement programs.

Mike is founder and President of CE Maintenance Solutions which provides consulting services to facility and manufacturing maintenance organizations.  He also provides coaching and guidance for clients who desire to outsource facility services.  Mike has been fortunate to work with numerous organizations, assisting them in their journey to change the maintenance culture.

Mike speaks at several leading maintenance conferences and facility management conventions each year, writes articles for maintenance magazines, teaches maintenance management fundamentals, and has assisted numerous organizations in developing plans and programs needed to implement and achieve facility-wide maintenance improvement.

June Webinar - Mike Cowley - 6/12/2018

How to Write an Effective PM Procedure

Most any maintenance professional can write a Preventive Maintenance procedure, but is it effective?

Ricky Smith, CMRP, CPMM, CRL, CMRT

RIcky has over 30 years of experience in maintenance as a manager, mechanical engineering advisor, training specialist, and consultant. Today he is a Maintenance Best Practices Instructor. Ricky has worked with maintenance organizations in hundreds of facilities and industrial plants worldwide to develop reliability, maintenance, and technical training strategies.

Prior to working for himself Ricky worked as a professional maintenance employee for Exxon Company USA, Alumax (one of three plants certified with World Class Maintenance status in the world), Kendall Company, and Hercules Chemical, providing the foundation for his reliability and maintenance experience. His last assignment in maintenance management was as a US Army Reserve Maintenance Company Commander in Iraq.

In addition to authoring several books, Ricky has also written for numerous trade magazines over the past 20 years on technical, reliability, and maintenance subjects and is a frequent speaker and presenter at industry conferences and trade shows.

You can find him on LinkedIn at:

July Webinar - RIcky Smith - 7/10/2018