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Topic: PM, PdM, CbM & Condition Monitoring Tutorial

Get the European perspective on topics of importance to maintenance managers all over the globe. Brendan has given us the benefit of his years of experience and knowledge in webinars previously and this one looks to be just as outstanding!

Brendan Shine

Facilities Management Specialist Trainer & Practitioner

Brendan is a qualified electrical engineer who has over 35 years’ experience (including electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic qualifications) in a “highly regulated” industrial engineering industry.
• Trainer on Maintenance & Facilities Management since 2006
• He is the Maintenance and Facilities Manager of a large and very successful
pharmaceutical company who have been in business for over 40 years.

Brendan joins you from Ireland.

He has extensive technical and hands on experience in Engineering, Maintenance, Facilities, Utilities and Project Management also in Electrical Engineering and Automated Production Processes in Industrial Chemical
& API manufacturing environments.

Brendan’s main role involves maintaining the effective and efficient operation of all operational bespoke plant machinery using Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) techniques and strategies in a highly regulated environment.

Brendan’s role also involves ensuring the effective and efficient operation of all utilities (36 systems in total) under the remit of the Engineering Department and to ensure that all utilities are available at all times for use by providing the necessary services to our core business. Brendan has strong administration, organisational, documentation and analytical skills.



Topic: Benchmarking and Key Performance Indicators


This presentation will explain why they are beneficial to the facility management process and also discuss how to develop performance indicators including prerequisites required to be successful.

Mike Cowley, CPMM
CE Maintenance Solutions

Mike Cowley’s background includes a BS in Mechanical Engineering and over 39 years of hands-on experience in areas of asset and maintenance management including: facility and industrial maintenance.  He has extensive experience in all aspects of facility and manufacturing management, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), contract maintenance, utility operations, project engineering and senior engineering management.

Mike spent the early years of his maintenance career in the textile industry working for Burlington Industries.  While at Burlington, he was named Director of Engineering and Maintenance for the Lees Carpets Division.  Mike was instrumental in the successful implementation of Lees’ maintenance improvement program, which took Lees maintenance department from “Chaos to World Class”.

Mike spent several years employed as a District Manager with Aramark Facility Services in their Specialty Markets Group where he managed multiple facility services and maintenance accounts.  He also assisted other groups within Aramark on a National basis with maintenance program assessments, planning, and implementation of improvement programs.

Mike is founder and President of CE Maintenance Solutions which provides consulting services to facility and manufacturing maintenance organizations.  He also provides coaching and guidance for clients who desire to outsource facility services.  Mike has been fortunate to work with numerous organizations, assisting them in their journey to change the maintenance culture.

Mike speaks at several leading maintenance conferences and facility management conventions each year, writes articles for maintenance magazines, teaches maintenance management fundamentals, and has assisted numerous organizations in developing plans and programs needed to implement and achieve facility-wide maintenance improvement. 


Topic: Mental Strength Competency: Why now? 

The strong survive but only the best succeed.


In the manufacturing industry, there is definitely some truth to this statement. The question is, do most people in manufacturing companies today strive to succeed or battle to survive? It’s time to pay attention to the people in our organizations and how they are able to cope with their worries, fears and steadily rising levels of stress. Mental illnesses are on the increase and can no longer be ignored. Mental health is the foundation of our thoughts, ability to learn, resilience and self-esteem.


Do you know that 70% of people give their attention to what they don’t want, don’t have and don’t like? What would it be like if it would be the other way around?


This webinar is about developing an initial awareness about the importance of developing a constructive thought process and a more positive attitude towards work and life.   


Nobody can get positive results with a negative mind.


The sports community has long recognized that mental factors such as confidence, composure, focus, and motivation are highly significant to athletic performance. Psychology principles such as positive thinking, imagery and goal setting can be applied in sports to help athletes improve their performance and mentally prepare for a competition.


Developing mental strength takes a conscious effort and dedication. Together, let’s explore what this important skill can do for you and the world of business. 

Karin Lindner
Founder and Owner of Karico International Inc. - Author, Speaker, Facilitator, Corporate Coach

Passionate Corporate Trainer, Leadership and Career Coach, Facilitator, Author and Keynote Speaker. Available for Management Offsites and Seminars. Recognized for strong relationship building and negotiation skills, excellent communication skills, enjoys challenges, adaptable to change, and natural ability to inspire others.

Specialties: Operational Improvement
Employee Engagement and Employee Motivation
Mindset Change to assist organizations to get to the next level
Cost Saving Ideas that not only can but will save companies a fortune
Behavioural Change

Karin Lindner is a business college graduate from Austria. After moving to Canada in 2003, she was hired by Magna International. That's where she discovered her passion for working with people from the production floor to the executive suite. Karin enjoys exploring the road less traveled and specializes in employee engagement and motivation for manufacturing companies that strive to stand out rather than fit in. 

After being laid off due to restructuring at the end of 2006, she opted to tap into her creativity and resourcefulness by starting her own business. Two years ago, she posed this question on LinkedIn: "How can we make manufacturing sexy?" Over 450 people who have a vested interest in this vital industry responded. That's when Karin knew she had to share her unconventional insights and observations in a book. 

As a trainer, facilitator, coach and inspirational speaker, Karin’s goal is to reach progressive people in the manufacturing sector and to create awareness among the general public. Parents, young adults, educators, guidance counselors and countless others must be made aware of the incredibleopportunities that exist in the manufacturing industry – an industry that is critical to the wealth and prosperity of North America.