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Applying for the Certified Professional Maintenance Manager (CPMM) Program

CPMM Application

Frequently Asked Questions

This credential is designed to validate that the certified person possesses the professional expertise and knowledge required to successfully perform plant and facilities supervisory activities.

What does the exam cover? What is it like?

This four-hour exam has a total of 200 questions in true/false and multiple-choice format. Questions cover maintenance management, preventive maintenance, inventory and procurement, work orders/workflow planning and scheduling, CMMS, training and work cultures, predictive maintenance, reliability centered maintenance, total productive maintenance, maintenance financials and return on investment, safety, indoor air quality, and documentation. A score of 70% is required to pass.

Is there an application or exam fee?

Yes. There is an application and exam fee. Please see the application for pricing. All fees are non-refundable. If AFE finds you are not eligible for the exam, fees will be returned.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible if you have a minimum of two years in maintenance management or a minimum of five years in the field overall.

Do I need to show proof of my employment history?

Yes. An employment verification form needs to be completed by your employer(s) based on your employment history and eligibility. For example, if you have been with your current employer for five or more years, one form is required. If you have been with several employers within a five-year period, a form from each employer is required.

Do I have to be an AFE member to take the test?

No. However, exposure to the many resources available to AFE members certainly enhances your knowledge of the plant/facilities field. AFE membership offers access to webinars for CEU's, an electronic library and Facilities Engineering Journal.

How can I prepare for the exam?

AFE offers a CPMM Review Pak. The Review Pak covers the 13 topics contained in the exam. Please see the CPMM application for Review Pak pricing.

Sample questions are also available on our web site. These questions can give you an idea of how prepared you are in each subject area.

Can I order the review pack before applying to take the exam?

Yes, you can purchase any of AFE's review packet's at the AFE store.

Do you offer review programs?

We offer frequent in-person certification review courses at locations throughout the United States as well as online “virtual” seminars.  View the schedule of upcoming course offerings in the AFE Calendar of Events.

Do I have to take a review class?

No, you may study independently using our Review Pak.

How much time do I have to complete the process of becoming certified?

AFE will approve your application after reviewing your qualifications and verifying your employment. Your window to take the certification exam ends one year after approval.

What happens if I wait longer than one year to take the exam?

You will need to re-apply and submit the necessary fees and required paperwork.

Where is the exam given?

The exam is available in paper form or online. You may take the test in one of three ways:

    At a national review program site, or
    At your workplace, using a proctor from your employer's human resources department.
    Online at your workplace, using a proctor from your employer's human resources department.

You also may request a substitute proctor if your human resources department is unable to assist you. Please contact AFE at (571) 395-8777 to make other arrangements. Test materials are forwarded to the proctor one day in advance of your exam date. Upon completion of the exam, the proctor will return the materials to the certification department for grading.

If I fail, can I take the exam again?

Yes. However, you are subject to a re-test fee. If you attend a review program and do not pass the exam you will not be charged a re-test fee. Please see the application for fees.

What happens if I pass the exam?

AFE will notify you of your successful passing of the exam. We also share your success with your boss, to let him or her know of your achievement. You will receive a certificate and CPMM identification card.

Does my certification need to be renewed?

Yes, your certification will need to be renewed. As part of the renewal process you must earn at least five renewal credits every three years. Three of those credits will come simply from being continuously employed in the plant/facilities field. The other credits will come from professional development seminars, workshops, etc. When it is time to renew, AFE corporate headquarters will send you the CPMM renewal guidelines along with the renewal application.

AFE is committed to assisting you achieve your certification goals. Please contact AFE with your questions so we can better help you.